Sync Bases
This page is an overview of the settings and features.


Sync to

Simply enter the table to sync to. It will then show in the sync block on the right

Sync frequency

How fast do you need the records to be updated. How it works: At each interval, it will scan your base for records that you updated in last X minutes


These are the fields ( columns ) that you want to sync.

Translate fields

What if the column name is not same in base A and in base B?
Yes, you need to put ':' in your field name like this:

Linked fields

Can it synced linked record ?
Yes, you need to put '/' in your field name like this:
[field name]/[linked table name]/[Primary field]
Please read this :

Sync options ( optional )

There are different sync options, that surely fit your use case.
  • by view: we will sync a specific view. If you keep empty we will scan all the records. ( Note that from the API standpoint, a view save your filter, but it doesn't save which fields are hidden, so you still need to list the fields to sync )
  • push/pull: In the case you are syncing many bases with the same settings, you would want to check the push/pull mode. It allows you to set up things only once and is really seamless.

Primary field ( optional )

Primary field is a unique records that identify each record. Sometime your primary field is computed so to make things easier, we take care of it with the "key" field


How to test and sync manually your settings to see what's going on.


there is a few limitation to be aware of, and most of your issues will be solved by paying attention to these
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