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Instructions to sync your bases
πŸ“˜ Starter guide
This guide is the quickest way to start. We will see:
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    Set the config base
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    Set your tables
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πŸ›  Config base

It's the base we share with you after you signup. ( We have to do this manually so it could take a few hours for us to send you the base. )
There are four tables :
  • user: this is your profile on our service
  • account: your airtable account and apikey
  • base: list of bases to sync
  • table: table to sync and settings
Please see each tab below
πŸ”‘ account
πŸ› table

πŸ˜„ User

Not much to see here. You can set your mail list settings. Here are the options :
  • newsletter : we send you updates about bases, new features, case studies etc...
  • alert : you get email alert in case one of your sync fail
  • sync report : a daily/weekly/monthly report sent to you. Contains some stats about your sync activities so you can keep an overview.

πŸ”‘ Account

Put your API key below

How to find your How to find your apikey ? ?

◻️ Base

How to find the ID of your Airtable Base?
Visit Select from the list of bases the base whose ID you'd like to find out.

πŸ›  Table

Table is where you put your sync settings. Let us go through each field :β€Œ
  • base: Link the table to the base it belong to
  • table : Name of the table ( please mind the case for all the settings, it matters )
  • view : optional. Name of the view you want to sync. With the API with keep the same filter from the view. But it doesn't see which fields are hidden/visible fields, that's why you need to set up ->
  • fields : which field to sync. IMPORTANT: we cannot sync computed value, as it would be like forcing a value inside a column... We can sync Attachments, multi selects, text, long text, linked fields. But we CANNOT sync formula, autonumber, lookup, rollup.
  • sync to : link the base+table to sync to
  • sync every: this is the sync frequency. We will sync records automatically every x minutes
  • active: check the box to make the sync active. If we have issue we will automatically untick the box so don't worry.
You can see more about the differents settings and features there

πŸ‘©β€πŸ³ Set your tables

You need to create 3 fields in each table you sync.
  • last modified (type : last modified time )
  • last sync ( type : date )
  • key ( type : text )
last modified, last sync, key
see each tab below for details
last modified
last sync

last modified

create a new field, name it "last modified' ( in lowercase ). Select type Last modified time.

last sync

create a new field, name it "last sync' ( in lowercase ). select type date and tick the include a time field


it's how we identify each records

πŸ”„ Sync

Change the sync every timeframe and click on sync
it will open a new tab, and you can immediately see the results. ( Note that it takes a bit longer when you are syncing manually as we are also syncing your settings first ). When it's in auto mode, it only takes a few seconds.
If some of your settings are incorrect, it will show an error and how to fix it ( in a human way ). Click on show log to see details.
If it's correct, then put on auto mode: Set the "sync every" back to empty and tick active. It will now sync every minute.

🌎 Airtable Universe

We published a help base on Airtable universe.​
Read more here:
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