Sync Bases
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What's bases?

Bases is a tool to sync your Airtable bases.
That means you can collaborate with your partners seamlessly. Examples of what you can do :
  • share only some fields of a table to your client, let them edit and get that information back to the master base ( sync two-way )
  • share a view with edit access

How do I know if the tool is active?

Just look at the color of the config base:
  • if it's grey, it means we are waiting for you to put your first base
  • if it's blue, we are checking your settings and deploying ( for the first time )
  • If it's green, your settings are correct and it's syncing.

Is it secure?

Yes absolutely. We take great concerns into the security of your data. The way we designed the backend make it very secure. The weak point in the security chain is your Airtable api key, that we keep only in Airtable itself.
The tool itself does not log, nor store any data. The sync happens inside a VM on Google Cloud and once the sync is completed it shut down, erasing all data with it. The log is also disabled so there is no trace of it.
That said, occasionally and at your request, the support will get added to the config base ( [email protected] ) and the log will be turned ON while we are solving the issue. The log exist inside Google Cloud which itself is extremely secure as well.
Last modified 1yr ago